Custom Folding

Embrace Your Customized Exterior

Our expert staff fabricate custom folding within 24 hours to your specified illustrations and dimensions. We fold in Aluminum, Steel, Copper and Zinc. Imported and specialty metals are also available.

For special requests, please complete a detailed Custom Folding illustration form and our staff will be happy to assist and fabricate to your specific needs.

V-Valley Custom Folding 24” X 120” 36” X 96”
W-Valley Custom Folding 36” X 96” 24” X 96”
Step Flashing Custom Folding 4”X4”X12” 4”X4”X12”
Roof Edge Custom Folding Open 10’ Open 8’
Wall to Roof Custom Folding 12″ X 10′ 9″ X 8′
Vent Strip Available on Request
Stink Pipe Custom In-Stock
Drip Cap In-Stock
Rodent Trim In-Stock
Gable Trim Available on Request

Retail Purchase

Walk-in purchasing is available. Delivery option available upon request!

Professional Supply & Install

We bring the folding to your building site. Fabricate the materials to the specifications of your project.

Speak with An Expert

Our knowledgeable sales team can answer your questions, provide suggestions on material choices and help you make the best decision for your home.